POMM® Protects Seniors

a wellness wearable that gives you peace of mind to know they’re doing OK

With over 48 million senior adults living in the US and 700 million worldwide, our population is becoming more and more dependent on technology to care for love ones—particularly parents and friends who may be challenged by the aging process and declining health.

POMM® Silver is a wearable tech solution that delivers peace of mind to individuals who have aging parents near or far, by ensuring their safety by using mobile technology with a connected device for automated wellness checks and instant alerts anytime. This allows the monitoring of Seniors with debilitating conditions, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease who may otherwise be unable to ask for help.

Designed to monitor vital signs in adults, POMM® provides anytime wellness checkups that communicate with the POMM® Silver app installed in those who want to monitor their safety. These designated individuals can be alerted to any changes in a love one’s vital signs, location as well as other essential health metrics. Most importantly, this device offers the potential to reduce and/or stop injury before it happens due to fatigue, illness or falls.

POMM® Silver can keep parents, grandparents and other loved ones connected to ensure their health and safety

POMM® is a safety platform for families featuring: 

  • Real-time tracking
  • SOS emergency call and GPS location SMS
  • Two-way video and voice communication
  • Geo-Fence
  • Historical GPS location
  • Voice monitoring
  • Low battery alarm notification
  • IP 67 waterproof
  • Fall detector emergency call*
  • Heart rate, blood pressure, medicine reminder*
  • Sedentary activity monitor*
  • Pedometer*

*Available only on POMM® Silver. 

POMM® Silver for Seniors
POMM® App Screenshot