A Lifeline to Safety that Keeps Your Family Connected


We believe that every older adult deserves the freedom to live life to the fullest while staying safe and secure.

With our wearable safety platform, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you or your loved ones are protected every step of the way with fall detection alerts, medication reminders and so much more.

Don’t wait for a crisis to strike. Invest in your safety and well-being with POMM SILVER today!

Let’s make aging a worry-free and joyful experience!

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POMM® Silver App Screenshot
POMM® App Screenshot

POMM® Kids

The POMM® Kids platform helps you remain connected and in contact with your children.

POMM® Kids is a great solution for children who like to play outside and ride their bike, skateboard or simply just hang out with friends. POMM® Kids was designed for ages 4 to 12 years of age.

In case of an emergency, POMM® Kids establishes a direct connection to parents and designated guardians, allowing them to call and track them with the app.

A one-touch check in button allows children to stay in contact with family members. If a child has a uncomfortable situation or needs help, they can call mom or dad at a touch of a button.

What Customers Say About POMM®

“During a recent trip to Legoland, I had the chance to put POMM® to the test while we were at the park. With POMM®, I was able to monitor my son’s location on my smartphone. It is important to remain safe when visiting public places.”

“I was very thankful for the POMM Silver solution to help ease our stress levels with my mother-in-law who has repeatedly fallen. Knowing that she was laying on the floor for hours before we knew about it was very upsetting. Now we have peace of mind knowing that we will get a instant message from the app. on our phones if a fall occurs.”

“I recently went to Disneyworld with my family and I bought POMM® for my daughters. Not only did they remain connected to me, they were also able to take photos and video with it and share it with their grandparents. Congratulations for the beautiful things you are doing connecting families and communities.”

“My grandkids come and visit us often and love to be outside playing, I bought them the POMM devices and love the fact that I can call them and they can call me right away if they need me.”

Thank you so much for inventing this product, it really saved my life. I am a 76 year old who lives alone and on a rainy Sunday after church my car was at a red light and someone smashed into me and then took off. I was hurt and scared because I knew that I did not have my cell phone , due to it was in the repair shop for another day. Then I realized that I had the POMM SILVER on and at a touch of a button I dialed my daughter for help.

Connected Technology for Safety and Prevention

Preventing Child Abuse

Prevent Child Abuse

POMM® helps keep children safe from potentially harmful situations when cared by someone outside of their family circle, such as preschool and daycare.

Keep Children Safe

Prevent Abductions

Equipped with GPS tracking, POMM® can help deter potential abductors and allow the tracking of the location of a child being taken without parental consent.

Protecting Senior Citizens

Keep Seniors Safe

POMM® can monitor vital signs in adults to ensure their safety and wellness checkups by communicating with their loved ones through the POMM® Silver app.

The POMM® safety platform has been featured in these media outlets

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