POMM® is wearable technology for children safety and parental peace of mind

POMM® is child injury prevention device with a subscription based service that gives parents peace of mind knowing that their child is safe with automated wellness checks and instant alerts.

With this in mind, POMM® empowers families to live better, safer lives. As a safety and wellness platform, it was designed to prevent accidents through the use of today’s wearable tech and IoT.

We are continuing to build support for our “tech with a cause”. If you are interested in learning more about POMM® and how you can support this product’s development, please contact us using the link below.

Wearable Technology for Children Safety

A Connected Child Injury Prevention Device

Prevent child abuse with POMM™

Prevent Child Abuse

POMM® helps keep children safe from potentially harmful situations when cared by someone outside of their family circle, such as preschool and daycare.

Prevent Drownings

The POMM® device alerts a parent or caretaker of any instance where it makes contact with water, allowing fast response to a potential drowning.

Prevent Abductions

Equipped with GPS tracking, POMM® can help deter potential abductors and allow the tracking of the location of a child being taken without parental consent.

Prevent heatstroke in hot vehicles with POMM™

Prevent Heatstroke

POMM® can track the environmental conditions where a toddler or child is located, triggering an alarm if a child is exposed to increased heat inside a vehicle.

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POMM® Production Version

POMM® Uses Existing Wearable Technology

As a child injury prevention device, POMM® allows you to remain connected with wellness checks and other features

Current mobile connectivity and nanotechnology allows many devices you already carry to transmit information to an app. POMM® is no different than popular smartwatch or exercise-support devicesonly that our device protects the most precious asset in your family: your children.

In fact, POMM® was developed with babies, toddlers and children up to 10 years of age in mind. Why? Simply because they are little beings who cannot protect themselves in the absence of a parent or caring family member.

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Why POMM® is ready to make a difference

It is possible to prevent heatstroke deaths in infants and children–we just need to become aware and mindful of our actions despite the many distractions and reasons to get sidetracked.

Heatstroke Deaths are 100% Preventable
Heatstroke Deaths are 100% PreventableSource: Chigago TribuneVisit Source