POMM® Protects Young Lives

a wellness wearable that gives you peace of mind in the busy world we live in

POMM®  is a comprehensive emergency response system for families. POMM® helps parents customize and activate an emergency response for a child in danger by providing critical, real-time data to a designated safety network for timely response.

As a unique child injury prevention device, POMM® uses mobile technology for automated wellness checks and instant alerts anytime. POMM® enables a comprehensive safety response including coordination with local 911. 

It is designed to monitor vital signs for a constant wellness checkup that communicates with the POMM® app. Parents and other designated individuals can be alerted of any change in a child’s vital signs, as well as other essential health metrics, thanks to the connected technology in their smartphones.

POMM® was designed to ensure our children are always safe and connected

Young child wearing the POMM™ wearable tech device