POMM® Safety Platform

POMM® Kids allows you to remain connected with wellness checks and other features

Current mobile connectivity and nanotechnology allow many devices you already carry to transmit information to an app. POMM® protects the most precious asset in your family: your children.

In fact, POMM® was developed for children up to the age of 12. Why? Simply because they are little beings who cannot protect themselves in the absence of a parent or caring family member.

POMM® App Screenshot
RapidS0S-Ready Badge

POMM® is RapidSOS Ready

Thanks to our partnership with RapidSOS, in case of an emergency POMM® establishes a direct connection to your local 911 center providing them with GPS location, profile ID and photo of your child. It should also be noted POMM® covers 97% of the US population via RapidSOS.