POMM™ Protects Young Lives

a wellness wearable that gives you peace of mind in the busy world we live in

POMM™ is a wearable tech solution that delivers peace of mind to parents by keeping their children safe. POMM uses existing mobile technology for automated wellness checks and instant alerts anytime.

It is designed to monitor vital signs for a constant wellness checkup that communicates with the POMM™ app. Parents and other designated individuals can be alerted of any change in a child’s vital signs, as well as other essential health metrics, thanks to the connected technology in their smartphones.

Most importantly, this device offers the potential to reduce and/or stop deaths due to heatstroke when a child is inadvertently left unattended in a vehicle.

POMM™ was designed to ensure our children are always safe and sound

POMM™ is wearable technology to keep children safe